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Ideal Method Consultation

Yelena offers personalized coaching sessions to help clients unlock their full potential, providing guidance in skill development, goal setting, and overcoming challenges.

We are a consulting service that offers personalized and tailored educational solutions to individuals, businesses, and organizations. Founded by Yelena, a certified expert in the Teutsch Ideal Method, the business focuses on providing clients with the tools and techniques necessary to enhance learning, boost personal growth, and achieve success in their respective fields. We can teach you how to reach and surpass your goals, substitute superior habit patterns for inferior habit patterns, and how to triumph over mental and physical conditions.

Among the Teutsches’ grateful beneficiaries are renowned attorneys, physicians, psychiatrists, educators, executives and even U.S. presidents as well as movie and TV stars who won Academy Awards.


With it, they have shown individuals from every field of endeavor and age group, as well as business and law firms, and medical clinics how to: reach – and surpass – their goals, to substitute desirable habit patterns for undesirable ones, and the triumph over mental and physical conditions not removed by traditional medical, psychiatric or psychological techniques.

Image by Roman Matveev

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